Wednesday reading experience #31

This is actually a challenge in two parts and requires the participation of at least two people.

a) If you consider yourself an expert on a particular genre, consider how you can teach a neophyte to like that genre by finding which books you would recommend they start with so they will get a positive image of the genre. For example, if you want to turn a mystery fan into a romance reader, choose the very best romance you know which has a strong mystery element, and a couple more books that will move gradually away from mystery and into purer romance.

b) Get some of your friends to do the same, then find someone among them to exchange these reading suggestions with – someone who prefers a different genre or sub-genre than you.

The same can be done with authors. See, for example, my suggestions for starter books in the Discworld series.


Dorte H said…
Oh, I try to do this all the time! But as far as I can see, I am most successful with people who read some crime fiction. I am quite good at persuading them to read more crime fiction & try some of my favourite authors :D

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