Reading report for July 2009

I read fewer books in July than in the preceding months, which is actually a good thing because the time taken from my reading schedule was used for some freelance translation work that will eventually enable me to buy a bigger apartment with a special room to house my book collection ;-)

I finished 8 challenge books:
3 top mysteries,
2 TBR, and
3 Icelandic (still on course, as I read 5 last month).

There were also 2 rereads and 3 first-time non-challenge reads. Two of the first-time reads were, in a roundabout way, parts of the top mysteries challenge: I am trying to read the Brother Cadfael series in order of publication, and one of the books is in the Top Mysteries challenge, so I am reading my way towards it.

The books:
Caroline Alexander: The Way To Xanadu (travelogue)
Linda Barnes: Bitter Finish (murder mystery)
Vera Caspary: Laura (murder mystery)
Jennifer Crusie: Anyone But You (romance)
Stella Gibbons: Cold Comfort Farm (novel)
Magnús Rafnsson: Angurgapi (Angurgapi is a magic symbol), (history)
Susan Moody: Penny Black (murder mystery)
Ellis Peters: One Corpse Too Many and Monk's Hood (historical murder mysteries)
Rakel Pálsdóttir og Jón Jónsson: Ástargaldrar (Love Magic), (books of spells)
JD Robb: Purity In Death (mystery-thriller)
Dorothy L. Sayers: Strong Poison (murder mystery)
Stefán Sigurkarlsson: Hólmanespistlar (stories from Hólmanes), (short story collection)


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