TBR challenge

I came across an interesting challenge in a book column on the Wall Street Journal website: save money by reading a book that you own but have never read, through the Guardian books blog, via BookNinja's blog.

I think it's excellent advice. Although I am still not suffering much from the local financial crisis, I know that in the coming months my mortgage payments are going to go up, and necessities are already getting more expensive, leaving me with less play money. Therefore I am going to take up the challenge and try to make inroads on my TBR stack instead of buying more books. It's no hardship, considering that I own around 4-500 books I have not read and have a library TBR list of several hundred more.

However, I will continue to mooch and give away books, at least until postage gets prohibitive.


Grilsgood said…
I would like to join. Got 500 books in my bedroom alone.
Bibliophile said…
Go for it! Those books are meant to be read.

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