Once more, with feeling:

Read my words:

I consider you telling me about your book to be borderline spam. I realise it's a tough market and you want to sell as many copies as possible, but if you think a smarmy comment telling me how wonderful my blog is will get me to buy your book or advertise for you for free, you are mistaken. If you ask me nicely, I may publish information about your book, but don't count on it.

I consider a publisher telling me about a book they've published to be spam.
Telling me about a website that is not book-themed is spam.
Telling me about a book-themed commercial website is spam.
Trying to sell me anything is spam.

So save yourselves the trouble and don't sent me spam comments. I will not publish them.

Please do:
Let me know about your non-commercial book website (I don't mind if you have an Amazon store or mild advertising).
Tell me about other people's non-commercial book websites.

Thank you.


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