The week's haul of books

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I have been indulging in retail therapy, and since most of what I bought was dirt cheap second-hand books, I got off lightly and didn't even have to use my credit card.

I did have to restrain myself from buying all 20-something Ed McBain books I came across at the book section of the charity shop, and instead I only bought 6. If they are still there on Monday I may give in and buy the rest.

The Harry Kemelman and Erma Bombeck books also came from the charity shop. The 2 Tony Hillerman books and the J.D. Robb and co. book I got through BookMooch, and the Manuel Vazquez Montalban and Carol Anne O'Marie books are library culls.


Linda Guðmunds. said…
sælar, ertu að segja mér að þú lesir allar þessar bækur á einni viku!!?!?
Bibliophile said…
Nei - þetta eru bara þær bækur sem ég keypti. Ég les svona ca. 3 bækur á viku að meðaltali.

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