Reading report for March 2008

In March I finished reading 10 books. Most I had started reading as far back as December of last year, so page-wise I am definitely below average.

One, Guards! Guards!, was a perennial reread (I am now reading the City Watch story arc within the Discworld series), and another, Metamorphosis, was a partial reread.

Metamorphosis was also my classic of the month. The Voyage of the Beagle will have to wait another couple of months for that honour, as I decided to read The Canterbury Tales in April and an Icelandic Saga in May – I haven’t decided which one, but possibly Laxdæla saga or a couple of the shorter ones.

I am working on some reviews and will post them when they are ready.

The books:
Eurydice: Satyricon U.S.A. (article collection): 2+
Tony Hillerman: Skinwalkers and Listening Woman (mysteries): 4 & 3+
Katie MacAlister: A Girl's Guide To Vampires (paranormal romance): 2+
John D. Macdonald: One Fearful Yellow Eye (mystery): 4
Harry G. Nickles: Foods of the World: The Cooking of the Middle-East (cuisine and cooking): 3
Ovid : Metamorphosis (classic, myths): 4+
Terry Pratchett: Guards! Guards! (fantasy mystery): 4+
Nora Roberts: Sanctuary (romantic thriller): 3+
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.: Cat's Cradle (satire): 4


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