Reading report for October 2007

I finished 12 books in October, several of them mysteries by authors I had previously not read, so if I can get myself going with the writing, there should be some challenge reviews coming up. About time too, since I want to finish the challenge before the end of the year.

The books:
Anthony Bourdain: Bone in the Throat - hard-boiled crime.
Suzanne Brockmann: Everyday, Average Jones - romance with a touch of thriller.
Edmund Crispin: The Case of the Gilded Fly - murder mystery.
Mary Daheim: Auntie Mayhem - murder mystery.
Franklin Dixon: Frank og Jói á Íslandi - my first (and probably last) Hardy Boys mystery, read because it takes place in Iceland.
Ann Granger: Say it with Poison - murder mystery.
Andrew Greig: Kingdoms of Experience - travel and mountain climbing.
Tony Hillerman: The Blessing Way - mystery thriller.
Eric Newby: The Last Grain Race - memoir.
Nancy Pearl: More Book Lust - lists of reading recommendations.
Barbara Sjoholm: The Pirate Queen: In search of Grace O’Malley and other legendary women of the sea - travel and women’s history.
Jack Turner: Spice: The history of a temptation - social history of spices.


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