Mystery author # 41: Ann Granger

Title: Say it With Poison
Series detective: Consul Meredith Mitchell and D.I. Alan Markby
No. in series: 1
Year of publication: 1991
Type of mystery: Murder
Type of investigator: Amateur and police
Setting & time: The Cotsworlds, Britain, late 20th century (timeless)

Meredith Mitchell arrives in the Cotsworlds for the upcoming wedding of her cousin’s daughter. D.I. Alan Markby of the local police has been asked to give away the bride. Shortly after Meredith arrives, her cousin’s seemingly nice young neighbour is found murdered, and both Meredith and Alan start investigating.

This is a really good first novel, and a great mystery as well. The two don’t always go together, and it’s refreshing to see a book that has no noticeable symptoms of firstbookitis in neither writing or plotting. The characters are realistically drawn, the writing is good, the mystery has some interesting twists and the clues are devious enough to satisfy even the most demanding mystery lover.

Rating: A refreshingly good first book and a great mystery as well. 4 stars.

Author review will follow when I have read more of Granger’s books.


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