Stack of books...

Stacked, originally uploaded by Netla.

...nevermore to be read. Glued and screwed together to make a work of art. Kind of sad.

Location: Reykjavík City Library (main branch, second floor)


Explorer Mom said…
Just discovered your website today;torn by view of books in Reykavik glued together. Wish I had photo of books sawed in half vertically and then nailed onto bookshelves in a restaurant in Orange County, Calif, USA as decor. Discovered this when I tried to remove book to peruse! Why couldn' they just have put the books on the shelves to begin with and leave them whole for all??
Next time I see a 'book crime' will email you photo for a page of 'book crimes.'
Bibliophile said…
Thanks. People have done the darndest things to books in the name of art. Right now, I am considering taking some old Reader's Digest books (talk about criminality - books should not be abbreviated like that) and making floating shelves out of them. But I would only ever do that to books no-one reads anyway.

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