The new Blogger

I have switched over to the new Blogger and am beginning to explore the possibilities it offers. The first thing I will be doing is to go back to the beginning and label all the posts to make it easier for my readers to find posts with similar themes. I am starting with the challenge authors and plan on having them all done by the end of the week and then I will label the other posts at leisure. Hopefully the work will be done by the end of the month.

This may confuse some feed readers - I know Maxine's has been reporting all the reposts.

Later on I may change the look of the blog, provided it will be possible to copy all the alterations I have made to the current template over to the new one. Who knows, I may even create my own personal template.


Maxine said…
So that's why I keep getting 43 new posts on your blog in my bloglines reader!
The template changing in Beta blogger is very easy and retains everything, at least everything I've put in -- which includes subject tagging.
Good luck!
Bibliophile said…
An unfortunate side effect :-)
Sorry about that - should be over soon.

Good to know that everything gets transferred.

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