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I am thinking about starting a bookmark of the week project. I have a huge collection of photographs I have taken over the years, some of which I have been moving over to Flickr. I want to do something with them, and here's my idea: visit my Flickr page and if you notice a photo you would like to see on a printable bookmark, drop me a comment on this blog with the title of the photo and I will feature it as bookmark of the week. To see my photographs, click on the link in the heading, choose a photo, copy the title, then come back here and make your request.

P.S. I only ask that you do not request bookmarks made from mosaics I have made from images by other Flickr users. There are copyright issues at stake.
As regards the graffiti images, they are on the walls for the world to see and while I would never try to make money from selling photos of them, I see no harm in distributing them to a bigger audience for free.


D.T. Holt said…
Huge Graffiti section 2 would make a cool bookmark.

I like your blog! If you feel like it, check out mine at

dt holt
Bibliophile said…
Noted. I am planning an expedition out there to get a straight photo of that wall.
Maxine said…
Hello, I am just dropping in as I've been off blogging too for a couple of weeks as I have been on holiday. (Still catching up.) I see you were writing up your thesis during the second half of August -- so hope it is progressing well. All my good wishes on that front.
Bibliophile said…
Welcome back Maxine, and thank you. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the thesis tunnel and hope to have it finished and turned in by next weekend.

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