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After I wrote the bookmark post, I though it would be fun to see what the web has to offer in the way of bookmarks. I googled “bookmarks” combined with all the methods I could think of for making them and found oodles of websites offering either printable bookmarks or instructions on how to make them from various materials. I found so many that I decided to make a separate post with just links.

I even found sewn, crocheted and knitted bookmarks. While I think such bookmarks are beautiful to look at, they do tend to be a bit too thick and slippery to stay inside a book that’s being carried around, so they are best reserved for books that will stay in one place, and should not be left in for long, as they could leave marks.

The printable bookmarks should be printed on heavy paper, cardstock or photo paper, and laminated for durability and to protext the books from possible stains or chemicals from the printer ink.

I have tried to avoid advertising bookmarks as much as possible.

First the crafty stuff:

A collection of links to crocheted bookmarks. In order to make crochet and knit bookmarks as thin as possible, use the finest thread and smallest hook/needles you can handle.
Four lovely knitted bookmarks
Melissa's Knit Bookmarks. Another collection of knitted bookmarks.
Make your own patchwork bookmark. The method can also be use to make gift tags or cards, in which case you use double-sided iron on adhesive and iron the design onto cardstock.
Heather's Friendship Bracelets. This is a huge collection of instructions on how to make friendship bracelets. So why is it in a collection of bookmark links? Well, if you can crochet, knit and sew bookmarks, why not knot/weave them? You can also use the instructions to make lovely cords for your bookmarks.
Printable origami bookmarks.
Printable folded bookmark.
Cut-and-fold paper bookmarks
Seminole Patchwork Bookmark. This is actually made from paper, but looks like Seminole patchwork.
Magnetic Bookmarks. On a website for kids, but handy for anyone on the go with books.
Creativity portal. Instructions and ideas on how to make your own bookmarks, plus several links to bookmark sites.

If you want to make a cord and tassel for your bookmark, twist, knot or braid the cord, and add a tassel. Here’s how to make it.

This is getting a bit long. I’ll continue next time with more links.


Maxine said…
When I read the title of this post, I thought you meant bookmarks in the sense of "favourites", so I was going to see if you had found Connotea (
Now I see what you I'll bookmark ( ;-) )your entry and have a look at the paper ones later. The knitting-type ones seem a tad complex for me.

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