Bibliophile’s reading resolution for 2006

I’m not much for making new year’s resolutions in general (hence the “try to”), but here are my reading resolutions for 2006:

1. I will try to read more of my own books and fewer library books.
2. I will try not to buy any more books until I have cleared some space in my TBR bookcase.
3. I will try to read more Icelandic books this year.
4. I will get rid of books I do not intend to read again, ASAP.


5straatjes said…
I'm adopting 2 and 4 of your list!

I have about 20 books that I could get rid of (oh and there's that box under the bed as well)which would clear space for the 5 books I got for Christmas for starters
piksea said…
Great list of reading resolutions. I just want to keep reading.

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