Friday links 1 September 2017

Friday links is where I post links to blogs and websites I want to remember without cluttering up my browser bookmarks, along with interesting articles, reviews and lists I want to bring to the notice of others, and other stuff I find on the web.

  • Is there a better way to declare your love of reading than to carry around a book or two and read whenever you get a moment? But what about those times you can't carry a book? Here's one solution: Book Pins. (Don't blame me if this sets you off on an online shopping expedition. I, however, am thinking of getting a book tattoo...)
  • Here's a literary magazine I came across while web surfing: The Threepenny Review. I haven't fully explored it, but it seems to be a mixture of essays, articles, reviews, criticism, poetry and short fiction.
  • While I maintain that romance novels are no worse than any other kind of genre literature, I think everyone can agree that the titles of many of them are terribly generic and unoriginal. One woman decided to have a bit of fun with a text-generating neural network and romance novel titles and fed 20 thousand Harlequin Romance titles into a computer and had it generate some titles. Much fun was had, and some of titles were considerably more original than anything I have seen on the shelves of bookshops.
  • In the last edition of Friday Links I posted a link to a Wikipedia page about common misconceptions. This week's Wikipedia entry is a list of misquotations. It includes both misquotations and misattributions. Here's one that's probably not included in the list because it's so obvious (to me, at least):

And now for today's list:
100 Books Across America: Fiction and Nonfiction for Every State in the Union: A Reading List for Your Last-Second Literary Road Trip. 
I didn't count how many of these I have read, but I have read several of them and want to read several more.


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