January and February book haul, part 3

Here are the final books:

  • Gnomes: This is a book of lore and natural history and should sit nicely on the shelf with my other illustrated guides to the world of folktales and mythology, e.g. The Flight of Dragons and my bestiary of Icelandic folk-tale monsters.
  • The Norman Rockwell Treasury: I love Rockwell's work but when I first saw this book in a bookshop, I was pretty much broke and couldn't afford to buy it, so finding a copy was lucky.
  • The Far Side Gallery: I have volumes 2, 3 and 4, but I don't think I have this one.
  • The guide book is yet another addition to the guidebook collection.
  • Trees and Fungi are natural history guides. 
  • The Steampunk Gazette is a guide to all things steampunk. As I mentioned in the first post in this series, I have been wanting to delve into this sub-genre of science-fiction, and what better place to start than with a guide?
That's it! (for now).


Greg said…
Fun stuff! I love folklore and the Gnomes book looks cool. Also the Rockwell book- I like some of his nostalgic pieces.
Laure Miller said…
curious, what is the title of your icelandic bestiary of monsters?
Bibliophile said…
Laure, the bestiary is titled "Íslenskar kynjaskepnur". The English edition is titled "Meeting With Monsters". It's illustrated by Jón Baldur Hlíðberg, an artist who has illustrated a number of books about Icelandic flora and fauna. Here are some illustrations from the book that appeared in a calendar last year: https://bankinn.landsbankinn.is/um-bankann/markadsmal/dagatal-landsbankans/2016/

And here is some information about the book:
Laure Miller said…
Gosh, the pictures are beautiful! Thank you!

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