Friday links, November 25, 2016

Last week's first link was to a Roundworld reference in a Discworld book. Here is another one: Treacle mining. Treacle Mine Road is frequently mentioned in those Discworld books that take place in Ankh-Morpork, and treacle mines are mentioned as well.

Do all those books with "girl" in the title annoy you? Me too. Someone decided to investigate and came up with this: The Gone Girl With The Dragon Tattoo On The Train.

Love France but can't afford to go there? Try this:
Food-and-Book Pairings in Lieu of Travelling to France. 

A useful blog for writers, full of cautionary tales exposing less than ethical (and sometimes illegal) practices in the publishing industry that writers should be aware of: Writer Beware

The book list:
The 86 Greatest Travel Books of All Time. Why 86? Why not the usual 100, or 17 or 42? 
I rather think it's because these are ones you can buy through the website. But don't let that disturb you: there are some great reads on that list. I've read 16 of these books, own another 7 but haven't got round to reading them yet (although 2 are currently on the monster "books with bookmarks in them" list), 22 are on my wishlist and one I gave up on reading.

Book I'm thinking about ordering:


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