Book haul for January and February 2015

I bought 21 books in January and February, adding, among other things, considerably to my collection of out-of-date guidebooks. 
Remarkably, only one of the books in the stack is fiction (guess which one?)
While I am not particularly fond of "must read" lists like the one in 1001 Books..., I do enjoy reading about books others have loved enough to recommend, and it will be fun to go through it and see what it has to say about the books I have read (liking or disliking) and to discover new books to read. However, I have no intention of reading all of the recommendations. 
As for the rest, they reflect some of my many interests: pastiche literature, trivia, folkloristics, cooking, history and anthropology.


George said…
Nice stack of books!

This is the beginning of the Library Book Sale season here. I usually manage to find some terrific buys. And the last day of the Book Sale is "bag" day where you buy a shopping bag for $5 and can fill it to the top with great books!

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