Reading report for August 2011

I suddenly realised I hadn't posted a reading report for August, so here it is:
The reading slump continues, although things are slightly better this month than they were in July. I re-read 5 books and reduced the TBR stack by 4 books, and read the last page of one of the online comics/graphic novels I was reading online. 2 of the re-reads were audio books and it was the first time I have listened to them. I an becoming ever more enamoured of audio books – with my myalgia long reading sessions have been getting ever more difficult and painful, and being able to just listen while I do other things, like cook or tidy up around me, is very nice.

The first-time reads were:

Catherine Aird : The Religious Body . Murder mystery, police procedural.
Warren Ellis (writer) & Paul Duffield (artist) : Freak Angels . Graphic novel, steampunk.
Nick Hornby : The Complete Polysyllabic Spree: The diary of an occasionally exasperated but ever hopeful reader . Columns, reading.
Laurie Lee : As I Walked out one Midsummer Morning . Memoir.
Norman Lewis : Voyage by Dhow . Collected articles, travel.

And the re-reads:
G.K. Chesterton : The Secret of Father Brown . Short stories, mysteries.
Georgette Heyer : Devil's Cub . Historical romance.
Terry Pratchett : The Truth . Fantasy.
J.K. Rowling : Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets . YA fantasy. Read by Stephen Fry.


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