Reading report for February 2008

I decided to include the genre and my star ratings with the books this time. Some reviews will follow later in the month.

As you can see, I am below average in my reading this month. It is not surprising, since an annoyed customer managed to put a damper on my reading activities. I got the big translation project I have mentioned before through a translation centre that I do freelance work for and my middleman misunderstood the client’s deadline requirements, telling me I had 10 days longer than I really did. My plan had been to finish 3-4 days ahead of the deadline I thought I had, but an emergency call from the middleman changed all that and instead of finishing at a leisurely pace, I had a couple of long days of proofreading the translation at double my usual pace, resulting in a myalgia-related headache that lasted a week and two physiotherapy sessions. But I did it and now I have free time to read again.

Jennifer Crusie: Charlie All Night (contemporary romance): 3+ stars
Susan Donovan: He loves Lucy (contemporary romance): 2+ stars
Elizabeth Gaskell: Cranford (classic novel): 3 stars (reviewed)
Shannon Hale: Princess Academy (YA fantasy): 4+ stars (working on a review)
Cynthia Heimel: If you can't live without me, why aren't you dead yet? (essay collection): 3+ stars (may review)
Matthew Parris: Inca-Cola: A traveller's tale of Peru (travel): 3+ stars
Diane Setterfield: The Thirteenth Tale (novel): 4+ stars (working on a review)
Alan Taylor, ed.: Long Overdue (writings about libraries): 3+ stars

JRR Tolkien: The Fellowship of the Ring (fantasy): 5+ stars

Upcoming reads:
I’m thinking about making Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle my classic for March, and I have Jonathan Strange and Mr. Morrell calling out to me from the TBR pile. It's hard to judge whether it's going to be a slow read or a fast one (not counted in pages per hour but number of reading sessions).


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