Reading report for August 2007

I finished 13 books in August, and added three new authors to my challenge (I am writing the last review). I managed to finish 4 books I had started some time ago and then stopped reading.

Laura Childs: Shades of Earl Grey
Deborah Crombie: A Share in Death

Leslie Carroll: Miss Match
Lorrain D'Essen: Kangaroos in the Kitchen
Barry Paris: Audrey Hepburn
J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Georges Simenon: Maigret and the Toy Village
Paul Theroux, ed.: The Best American Travel Writing 2001

Reviews coming up:
Ngaio Marsh: A Man lay dead, Enter a murderer, The Nursing Home Murder, Death in Ecstacy
Nancy Martin: How to Murder a Millionnaire (I'm reading the second book in this series and will review them together)


Maxine said…
Glad to see the Harry Potter up there, I thought it was marvellous.
I'm interested to see what you make of the Ngiao Marshes, she was a favourite of mine. I used to own all her books but they have been given away somewhere along the moves in my life. Pity, as I don't think they are in print any more, and I'd rather like to read them all again.
Steve said…
Fascinating. I too have a real love of mysteries. I have a penchant for the cozy variety, although I sometimes I should be - as a guy - be reading more hardboiled stuff.
I must confess I don't do as much reading as I used to and I give up too many books. I've just given up 'Clouds of Witness' by Dorothy Sayers after 60 pages or so. But I did finish Ian Rankin's latest!
Have you read any of Anthony Eglin's mysteries? They are very much in the English cozy mode, with a gardening theme. He's written three so far, starring retired botany professor Lawrence Kingston. Worth checking out.Best wishes.

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