Reading report for January 2007

In a previous post I said I had not been reading much lately, so it came as a surprise to find that I actually read 14 books in January, which is a little above my average per month in 2006. It does not feel like I have read this many.

Here is the breakdown:
Empty shelf challenge books:
Gods, Graves and Scholars: CW Ceram
Úti að aka: Á reykspúandi kadillak yfir Ameríku (Out for a drive: By smoke-belching Cadillac across America): Einar Kárason & Ólafur Gunnarsson
Lady of Quality: Georgette Heyer
Irish Fairy Tales: Sinéad de Valera
Second Fiddle: Mary Wesley

Other books:
True North: A memoir: Jill Ker Conway
The Road from Coorain: Jill Ker Conway
Sælir eru þeir sem þyrstir (Blessed are they which do thirst): Anne Holt (possible 52 authors challenge book – if I can find another one by the same author)
The Book of Lost Books: Stuart Kelly

The Last Hero: Terry Pratchett
The Science of Discworld: Terry Pratchett

Rhoda: A life in stories: Ellen Gilchrist
The Historian: Elizabeth Kostova
Eight feet in the Andes: Dervla Murphy


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