Bonus book review: What do you say to a naked elf? (romantic fantasy)

The best I can say abut the title is that it’s certainly inspired.
Actually, it is among the tackiest and most embarrassing book titles I have come across, so tacky it made it onto my top 5 Tackiest Book Titles list. In fact, had I not read a favourable review of the book by a reviewer I trust, I would have dismissed it as über-tacky and never read it. I’m glad I did, because behind that tacky title there lurks an entertaining romantic fantasy that I wouldn’t mind re-reading at some future date.

Author: Cheryl Sterling
Year published: 2005
Availability: In print

Jane Drysdale is driving home late one night after a successful home sales party, her trunk full of samples of the sex toys and lingerie she was selling. Suddenly a rabbit jumps in front of the car and appears to turn into a man moments before disappearing under the car. Not unnaturally, Jane panics and ends up off road. She is promptly arrested by a group of elves and brought back through an inter-dimensional portal to the elfin land of Lowth where she is to be tried for the murder of the shape-shifting elf she hit. Jane is of course unhappy about this, but the portal has closed and she is stuck, so she decides to make the best of things. She is given a public defender, Charlie, who is half elf/half fairy, whom Jane thinks looks quite a bit like Legolas from The Lord of the Rings (presumably meaning Orlando Bloom in his blond wig, Jane being more likely to have seen the movie than read the book ). Mesmerised by his toned body and sexy wings, she sets out to seduce the stuffy lawyer, but their romance is complicated by the verdict at the trial and before too long they are swept into an adventure of epic proportions that involves, among other things, her supply of sex toys, the true identity of someone, a journey, and a magician who wants Jane delivered to him, presumably for some nefarious purpose.

Review: Quite a good read, not as side-splittingly funny as the other reviewer led me to believe, but there are still some good laughs in it. Sterling has managed to produce a solid, original fantasy with some rather good twists that will surprise many readers. Part of the resolution is something of a surprise, even for adept clue spotters.

Don’t let the title deter you – this is an entertaining fantasy and although romantic, there is also plenty of action and adventure. 4 stars.


piksea said…
Hee! I loved this review. I may have to check into this book, but I can't imagine buying it and I can't imagine it being in the stack of books for me at the library. Sure, a little elf sex along with my usual titles which are more along the lines of Anna Karenina and Crime and Punishment. At least the librarians will get a chuckle.
Emily said…
I'm also intrigued by your review - I'll have to see if my library has it. paranormal romances are a sort of guilty pleasure for me, and I love things that are funny as well.

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