Here are a couple of book lists:

First is the list of TBR books I own. Some of these I really only use as reference books - for example I have no plans to ever read any of the Norton Anthologies from cover to cover, and The Western Canon I keep handy for the book list and for reading up on canonical works I plan to read. I still keep them on the list to remind me that I do own them. This list has not been updated for several months - I'm working on a new list.

This list is a baby version of my TBR-Not owned list. It contains a growing number of books that I have come across during my web-surfing and liked the look of. Most I will have gleaned from reviews on blogs, reading forums and in articles and reviews on websites and in online editionf of newspapers. I may never get around to reading any of them, but this way they will not clutter up my TBR list of books I am pretty certain or convinced I will read. Clicking on a title with a link will open a new window with the review or mention that made me want to read the book. (The column labelled "Safn" refers to which library they can be found at). I've stopped updating this since I started concentrating on my TBR list.

As to the full, Gargantuan "TBR-not owned" list: I am not posting it here in its entirety, as it is in many different parts, stored in Excel, Word and Access files, all differently formatted, plus some of it only exists on paper or in my head, and I don't feel inclined to consolidate it.